45 Gallon Universal spill Kit

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45 Gallon Universal spill Kit



HW Spill Kits are a complete solution for emergency spills.  The come in a variety of sizes with multiple options for absorbing oil, universal or hazardous spills.  Oily only kits are designed to handle oil and fuel spills on land and water.  Universal kits are designed to handle caustics, commomn fluids such as coolant spills ethnol, pesticides as well as solvents and even water.

45 Gallon Universal Spill Kit 
Content List
100 x Sorbent Pads
5 x Sorbent Socks 3"x4'
3 x Sorbent Sock 3" x 12'
6 x Sorbent Pillow
1 x Caution Tape
1 x Drain Cover
2 x Tyvek suits
2 x Pair of Goggles
2 x Pair Nitrile Gloves 
10 x Disposal Bag
1 x Plug N dylke 2oz
1 x 1661