Fill Drum Vent With 6 Inch Flame Arrester

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Fill Drum Vent With 6 Inch Flame Arrester



Safety fill vents and funnels fit the 2-in (51-mm) bung on a vertically-stored drum. The brass vent provides automatic pressure and vacuum relief, and includes a brass cap with safety chain tethered to the vent to prevent misplacement or loss. Remove cap during drum filling operations. Model no. 08211 includes a 9-in(229-mm) wide polyethylene funnel to facilitate solvent waste disposal and reduce spillage. Keep vent capped in closed position after filling operations to prevent flammable vapor from escaping. Six-inch (152-mm) flame arrester safely dissipates heat and prevents flashback from external ignition sources.


Material Specifications: Brass
FM Approval: Yes
Net Weight: 2 Pounds