Fire Safety Plan Box - 2 Pad Locks - French

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Fire Safety Plax Box - 2 Pad Locks - French



Fire Safety Plan boxes are approved by the Fire Department and are required for all buildings that have a fire safety plan to ensure firefighters have easy and quick access to the building's Fire Safety Plan.  This outlines locations of all life safety devices as well as locations to important rooms such as Sprinkler Room, Electrical rooms and various other important information of the building.  These boxes comes with reflective strips for easy visibility, include key tags and mounting hardware with 2 padlocks.
Language - French
Colour -powder coated white
Padlock - 2 
Size - 13x13x4
Meets City of Toronto Bi-law 186-2004


Material Specifications: 18 Ga Galvanized Steel
Dimensions, Exterior Depth: 13 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Width: 4 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Height: 13 Inches