Gas Cylinder Stand, 1 Cylinder Capacity, Low Profile, Steel

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Gas Cylinder Storage and Equipment



Designed for the safe storage of industrial and commercial use compressed gas cylinders, these storage stands help prevent dangerous tipping situations. Powder-coated to ensure long service life and chemical resistance. Features a 0.187-in (5-mm) thick steel clamping bar protected with an edge bumper guard that attaches to the stand using dual threaded rods and wing nuts. Pre-drilled holes in base for floor mounting with application specific fasteners (not included).

Heavy-duty polypropylene support strap, 1.5- FT X 54-in (38-mm FT X 1372-mm) and rated at 1138-lb (516-kg), features steel cinch buckle and hold individual cylinders securely against stand.

Helps comply with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA.


Material Specifications: Steel
FM Approval: Yes
OHSA Compliance: Yes
Dimensions, Exterior Depth: 16 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Width: 16 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Height: 15 Inches
Net Weight: 21 Pounds
Cylinder Diameter: (1) 10 Inch