Gas Cylinder Forklift Pallet, 6 Cylinder Capacity-Individually Secured, Back-to-Back Loaded

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Gas Cylinder Storage and Equipment



Transport multiple gas cylinders securely with a forklift using these pallets. Fully welded construction from 11-gauge (3-mm) hot-rolled steel, powder-coated to ensure longevity and chemical resistance. Heavy-duty polypropylene support straps, 1.5- FT X 54-in (38-mm FT X 1372-mm) and rated at 1138-lb (516-kg), feature steel cinch buckle and hold individual cylinders securely against integral bracket. Back-to-back cylinder storage offers maximum space utilization. For an improved level of safety for any installation, all brackets include openings to retrofit secondary support chains, one set for each cylinder strap location.

Helps comply with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA.


Material Specifications: Steel
FM Approval: Yes
OSHA Compliance: Yes
Capacity: 1800 lb
Dimensions, Exterior Depth: 36 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Width: 24 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Height: 34 Inches
Net Weight: 156 Pounds
Cylinder Diameter: (6) 12 Inch