HIKVISION Turret 256 3.5mm Thermal Camera

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HIKVISION Turret 256 3.5mm Thermal Camera



The DS-2TD1228T-3QA Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Turret network cameras integrate the function of a decoder, thermal camera, and a high-definition zoom camera to perform accurate temperature measurement creating a dynamic-fire source detection system essential for remote video security of power generating systems, recycling facilities, petrochemical refineries, and many other manufacturing operations. These cameras are equipped with a high-sensitivity IR detector and high-performance sensor allowing them to measure an object's temperature within a range of -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F) in real time. The pre-alarm system helps you discover and act upon unexpected events immediately helping to protect your property.

Fire Detection
Device can detect the dynamic fire source in the scene and output pre-alarm and alarm to protect the property.

Temperature Measurement
Device can measure the actual temperature of the spot being monitored. The device alarms when temperature exceeds the temperature threshold value.

Device can do behavior analysis. Multiple rules can be configured for different requirements.

Open Platform
Device supports the installation of application for the third-party to develop and run its function and service. Key Features • 256 × 192 resolution, 12 μm, VOx UFPA, NETD < 40 mK (25°C, F1.0) • Video content analysis: vehicle/human classification • Temperature exception alarm for fire prevention, -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F), ± 8°C (± 14.4°F) • Image processing technology: linear, histogram, self-adaptive thermal AGC mode, DDE, 3D DNR • High quality detector with 10 year guarantee


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