Rack & Machine Guards

Machine guards help protect machinery and facilities by forming barriers between your valuable equipment or walls and areas of traffic. These tubular barriers act as storage rack guards and equipment guards while keeping personnel safe and promoting an overall positive safety culture. They are suitable for use either inside or outside.

We offer a full range of OSHA-certified rack safety guards to fit your needs. They are finished with a highly-durable powder coating which is baked on during the manufacturing process. The yellow color provides high visibility, further promoting safety. Choose from a selection of profiles (low, medium, and high) depending on your safety rack guard needs. Guards are 4” in diameter and each profile has multiple width options.

All machine guarding safety products in this range are produced by Eagle Manufacturing. Businesses have been relying on Eagle for decades as the company continues to offer precision-crafted, durable products. Eagle barriers are constructed using Schedule 10 steel and are mounted on steel plates. Pre-drilled holes allow for easy installation.

Take a look at our selection of guards and other industrial safety equipment or contact us to have a team member assist you with a custom order.