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Lab and Overpack Drums

  • The 14, 20 and 30 Gallon drums are available with plastic lids and your choice of metal or plastic lever locking bands
  • The 20, 30, 65 and 95 gallon drums are available with plastic screw-on lids
  • All Lab Packs and Overpacks are constructed of tough, chemical resistant high density polyethylene
  • Lightweight and nestable
  • Include UV inhibitors
  • The containers incinerate completely when used with the plastic lever locking or screw top
  • United Nations certified to HM-181
  • Can be used with packing groups I, II and III of hazardous materials
  • The overpacks feature a heavy duty metal lever locking band: ideal for the storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of larger containers
  • The Lab Packs have either plastic lever locking band or screw top and are ideal for the storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of small containers (5 gallons or less)
  • Overpacks: DOT 49 CFR 173.25
  • Lab Packs: DOT 49 CFR 173.12
  • All drums meet FDA 21 CFR 177.1520
  • Food Grade Quality

1600SL 30 GALLONS Lab Pack W/SCREW/LID 211/8"X/281"X/2" 14LBS. 1H2/X120/S 1H2/Y180/S
1601 30 GALLONS Lab Pack w/plastic band 211/8"X/281"X/2" 14LBS. 1H2/X100/S -
1601M 30 GALLONS Lab Pack w/metal band 211/8"X/281"X/2" 15LBS. 1H2/X120/S 1H2/Y180/
1601MB 30 GALLONS Lab Pack w/metal band, blue 211/8"X/281"X/2" 15LBS. 1H2/X120/S 1H2/Y180/
1610 14 GALLONS Lab Pack w/plastic band 15’ X 261/2" 8LBS. 1H2/X65/S 1H2/Y100/S
1610 MB 14 GALLONS LAB PACK W/METAL BAND, BLUE 15’ X 261/2" 8.5LBS. 1H2/X65/S 1H2/Y100/S
1650 20 GALLONS Lab Pack w/screw lid 201/2" X 211/4" 13LBS. 1H2/X57/S -
1652 20 GALLONS Lab Pack w/plastic band 201/2" X 22" 13LBS. 1H2/X40/S -
1661 65 GALLONS Overpack w/screw lid 31" X 331/2" 45LBS. 1H2/X300/S -
1690 95 GALLON Overpack w/screw lid 31" X 411/2" 50LBS. 1H2/X300/S -

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Our Certifications & Association Memberships

  • Ansul
  • Canadian fire alarm association
  • NFPA
  • National accociation of fire equipment distributors
  • Pyro-Chem
  • Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada
  • FM Approved

Client testimonials

Herbert Williams Fire Equipment Ltd.
Herbert Williams has been supplying our corporation with fire supression equipment for over 10 years. We are very pleased with product quality and the knowledge and level of service is second to none.
Our company selected Herbert Williams for their rock solid reputation and knowledge. Bernie was a true pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any purchasing manager looking for a reliable fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems & fire alarm contractor. 
Francis Black
We can always rely on Herbert Williams for all of our safety storage requirements. This company stands behind its products and Rob is always more than accomadating, especially when a deadline is at stake. Great people to do business with.
Thomas Schwartz