Liquid Propane (LP) Gas Cylinder Lockers Horizontal (US)

Horizontal gas cylinder lockers allow you to store liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in a safe, secure manner. Store your canisters horizontally in these space-saving, rugged, corrosion-resistant lockers.

There’s a Justrite horizontal cylinder gas locker for every application. Constructed of 100% welded aluminum panels that are 1.65 mm thick, a Justrite horizontal cylinder locker is strong, versatile, and won’t discolour or degrade in the weather. Heavy-grade aluminum mesh prevents dangerous gas buildups and extruded frame components make for a more rigid structure. These lockers are built to last, and since they’re 33% the weight of regular steel cabinets, cost a lot less to ship.

Justrite’s horizontal cylinder lockers come in several modular configurations, making it easy to expand multi-cabinet storage areas. Efficient, with a clean design, each locker has a gently sloping solid metal roof that helps prevent water and ice from accumulating on the unit.

Smaller horizontal storage lockers have a single door construction and can respectively accommodate 6 or 8 horizontal cylinders between 20 to 33 lbs. Larger horizontal cylinder lockers have double doors and will accommodate 12 or 16 cylinders with 20 to 33 lb. capacities. All Justrite lockers have welded security lugs that let you padlock the units for increased security.

Browse our extensive selection of safety storage equipment and if you have any questions about choosing the right horizontal cylinder locker for your facility, our team is always standing by to advise and support.