Alarm & Intrusion Detection Systems

Our professional team of technicians can install and service your alarm and intrusion detection systems. We deliver quality service by knowledgeable technicians familiar with your system and products. We can customize your security alarm system to satisfy your specific needs, including the design, installation of a new system, or replacement of an existing system with up-to-date or more advanced equipment. Every system we install can be monitored from our ULC-listed certified alarm monitoring station.

Alarm systems are designed to help keep your premises safe. Herbert Williams installs alarm security solutions that are scalable, easy to use, and ideal for commercial or residential buildings. We offer 24/7 intrusion monitoring of your premises. An intrusion alarm system is used to detect the presence of intruders and send alerts in the event of a security event when applied on its own, or as part of an integrated security solution. The central station sends these alerts through an APP or web-client interface. Users and access privileges can also be managed remotely.

Commercial alarm systems have different configurations, integration capabilities, and use cases. They require proper planning from knowledgeable security professionals. Businesses that house expensive merchandise or hold private data need a commercial-grade alarm and intrusion system to ensure that their security and safeguarding are functioning properly.

Annual Intrusion Alarm System Maintenance Program

Herbert Williams also provides a complete annual maintenance program for your alarm and intrusion detection systems.

  • Walk test including all major system components
  • Testing all devices and confirming signals at the central monitoring station
  • Keyholder list updates
  • Firmware and software updates, if required
  • Testing and replacement of backup batteries
  • User management and remote support (where available)

From a simple intrusion system to complex integrated security, contact us for installation and PMA services.

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