Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

We offer the following services:

  • ULC LISTED Fire Monitoring
  • Bi-Monthly ULC Sites Inspection & Testing to CAN/ULCS561
  • Digital or Ethernet Communicators & GSM System Installation & Testing
  • Monitoring across North America, with WATs lines for your customers, we accept most formats including Surgard, Contact ID, Sia 1&2, 4+2, 4+3
  • Surgard and Europlex lines across southern Ontario
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reports faxed, mailed, or e-mailed direct to you
  • 2-way voice or listen-in security and medical CapabilitiesWe are one of the largest private central monitoring stations in North America.

Our station is ULC listed for fire and burglary, with highly trained courteous staff.
We offer shared-listing ULC account set up in accordance with ULC regulations.
We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch when assisting our customers.

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