Drum Lifters & Slings

Moving individual heavy drums can be a problem in many warehouse settings. If you use overpack drums to handle leaking or open drums, you can compound the problem for your employees. Improper handling of heavy overpack drums can lead to more serious accidents and employee injuries.

Herbert Williams offers the overpack drum dolly manufactured by Eagle Manufacturing, designed from wheel to handlebar to ensure the safe handling of overpack-sized drums, no matter the contents.

The hand dolly from Eagle Manufacturing is designed to work best with the Eagle Manufacturing 95-gallon overpack drum, and has several features that make handling overpack drums safer for your employees.

The lift platform is extra deep to help lift and balance the overpack drum without tipping. Curved upper drum support nestles the drum against the dolly to prevent rolling from side to side. Each dolly includes an adjustable safety strap to secure the overpack drum to the dolly.

The Eagle Manufacturing overpack drum hand dolly is rated to handle up to one thousand pounds. It is constructed of high-quality steel tubing and is powder coat finished a bright red with yellow handle grips.

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