Spill Containment Basins

Budget drum basins offer an affordable spill containment solution for your hazardous material storage area. These rugged, high-density polyethylene containment basins help you meet environmental regulations and protect your workers, workplace, and the environment.

Spill containment basins are a must for any workplace that stores hazardous materials in barrels or drums. Minor spills are a given when filling containers or dispensing the contents, and containers can be vulnerable to damage and corrosion, leading to leaks or seepage. When choosing a secondary containment basin, it's important to look for durable construction, a price-point that fits your budget, and dimensions that work for your storage space.

Herbert Williams offers a range of spill containment basins from Eagle Manufacturing in high-visibility yellow polyethylene. Sizes are available to accommodate one, two, or four drums storage.

The single 55-gallon drum spill containment basin rests securely on the floor and features a compact footprint with 6 1/2-inch sidewalls and a spacious 17.5-gallon sump. Smooth, moulded sides make for easy cleanup, and the rugged construction is resistant to both corrosion and chemicals.

The two-drum secondary containment basin offers a 34-gallon sump and the same durable polyethylene construction. Tall, 6 1/2-inch sides prevent spills and leaks from becoming a hazard and have a compact profile that's perfect for small storage areas. We also have a 4-drum spill containment basin with a 66-gallon sump and integrated drain to streamline the cleaning process.

Eagle Manufacturing is a leader in spill containment solutions and hazardous material mitigation. Their durable spill containment basins are made in the USA and engineered to stand up to the harshest of environments.

Rely on our selection of spill control supplies to keep your workplace safe and compliant with applicable safety and environmental regulations. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about specific products or solutions at sales@herbertwilliams.com .