Steel Combo Running Man 6V 36W c/w 2 PAR 18, 9W heads

Steel Combo Running Man 6V 36W c/w 2 PAR 18, 9W heads

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SKU: SL-RM-6-36-L-1-0LR-M-2SR-9W

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Steel Combo Running Man 6V 36W c/w 2 PAR 18, 9W heads



The STELLA COMBO series is constructed of durable 20 gauge
steel. Universal mounting pattern and key hole slots are stamped
on the backplate. Surface mount conduit entry knockouts are
also provided. Field removable directional arrows are standard.
This versatile fixture is supplied standard with an attractive and
durable white, powder coat finish. Other colours are available,
including custom colour matching (please specify). The advanced
design of the STELLA COMBO series contains no extraneous holes
or slots, thereby eliminating unwanted light leaks. A simple and
sturdy channel design securely holds the face and backplates
into the frame providing quick and trouble free installation and
maintenance.  The STELLA COMBO series provides exceptional emergency lighting
versatility by combining an exit sign with a lighting unit. The various
voltage and wattage configurations of the STELLA COMBO series
allows for the powering of remote emergency lighting fixtures,
further enhancing the capabilities of this series. The clean looks and
sturdy design work well in just about every application.  The STELLA COMBO series is designed with a maintenance free,
valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery providing emergency
lighting duration as specified per unit. Recharge time of the
battery is twenty-four [24] hours. The maximum battery operating
temperature is +40


Material Specifications: STEEL
Dimensions, Exterior Depth: 2.5 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Width: 12 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Height: 12.5 Inches


SL-RM-6-36-L-1-0LR-M-2SR-9W Spec Sheet