Weatherproof Hose & Storage Cabinet - (standard) 48" X 57" X15" Type A Free Standing

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Weatherproof Hose & Storage Cabinet - (standard) 48" X 57" X15" Type A Free Standing



CM1101-Outdoor Hose Storage cabinet, con-structed of 16 ga. satin coat galvanized metal with two coats red baked enamel. Stainless steel piano hinges with chrome plated door latches. Used to store fire hose and equipment for outdoor use in industrial applications. 

Product Features:

•	16 ga. galvanized steel sheet throughout, weighs 250lbs 57" Wide x 15" Depth
•	Empty shelves 13" wide with 3/4" lip
•	2" slope on roof
•	Rain trough over doors
•	Door reinforcement at front, top and bottom
•	Doors overlap tub at hinge side
•	Piano hinge on both doors
•	Door lock (R.H. door only)
•	Louvers on each end under bottom shelf (optional—please specify)
•	Inside lips (front side)
•	3" at top 1 1/2" at bottom
•	1" at sides and bottom
•	Two coats red baked enamel
•	Chrome plated handle with 2 point catch

To Specify:

•	Wall Mounted (with rear lugs top & bottom)
•	Concrete Base Mounted (with grouting lugs at bottom)
•	Support Mounted - legs packed separately (Steel fabricated legs available 12", 24", or 36")


•	Additional shelves upon request
•	Suitable brackets for Accessories
•	"Fire Hose" Decal


Shipping Height: 250
Material Specifications: satin coat galvanized metal
Number of Shelves: 2
Adjustable Shelves: Yes
Dimensions, Exterior Depth: 15
Dimensions, Exterior Width: 57
Dimensions, Exterior Height: 60
Net Weight: 250 lbs