Securall 1.5 Hour Fire-Rated Quick Mount Door, with View Lite - 36 In. W x 84 In. H - Right Hand Swing (LHR)

Availability: 4 Weeks
  • Fire Rating - 1.5 Hours
  • Available with View Lite, Ceramic Glass Window
  • Dimensions: 36 In. W x 84 In. H
  • Right Hand Swing (LHR)

The SECURALL Quick Mount Door Assembly Fits Into a 36" W x 84" H opening in an existing commercial, hollow metal door frame.

Key Features

  • 1.5 Hour Fire Rated.
  • Extra Heavy Duty 16 GA. Steel Door With 12 GA. Steel Sub-Frame.
  • Right Hand Swing (LHR).

Hardware Installed

  • QTY: (3)  4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Ball Bearing Hinge.  Standard Weight. Steel, Primed.  Hager P/N ECBB1100 USP (STD)
  • QTY: (1)  Fire Rated Exit Device Rim.  Finish: Aluminum Painted - 32" -36" Wide. Hager P/N 4701-RIM-F-36-ALM. (STD)
  • QTY: (1)  Exit Device Trim  Lever Handle. Entry Function.  Cylinder Escutcheon.  Finish:  Aluminum Painted.  Hager P/N 47-CE-(L/R)H-WTN-ALM (STD) 
  • QTY: (1)  3902 Mortise lock cylinder 1-1/8' US26D.  Hager P/N 3902-1-1/8'-US26D.  (STD)
  • QTY: (1)  View Lite, 22" x 34" Viewable.  For up to 1-1/2 Hour Fire-Rated Doors.  Cold Rolled Steel Frame. Air Louvers P/N VSL 2436B (STD)
  • QTY: (1) Pyran Platinum F.5, 3/16" x 22 3/4" x 34 3/4".  Up to 1-1/2-Hour Fire-Rated Ceramic Glass.  Glassopolis P/N TG-94200-074 (STD) Factory Installed. (STD)
  • QTY: (1) Door Closer.  Hager P/N 5400-MLT-04-ALM-BCK.  (STD)
  • QTY: (17') Self-Adhesive, Silicone Bulb Fire and Smoke Seal.  Color:  Brown. NGP P/N 5050B (STD) - Shipped Loose
  • QTY: (1) Door Sweep with Vinyl Insert and Rain Drip.   Hager P/N 770 S-V-MIL-35-3/4" (STD) - Shipped Loose
  • QTY: (1) Extruded Aluminum Threshold.  1/2" High x 5" Deep.  For Doors 36" Wide.  Only for Use with Interior Doors (STD) - Unnotched & Shipped Loose


Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 87"L x 39"W x 16"H

Estimated Total Weight: 365 Lbs.


SMART Certified

All Securall fire rated doors must be installed in accordance with all federal, provincial and local building codes. 

More Information
Material Specifications 16 Gauge Steel
EPA Compliance YES
OSHA Compliance YES
Warnock Hersey Mark YES
UL Approval YES
Shipping Depth 87 Inches
Shipping Width 39 Inches
Shipping Height 16 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Width 36 Inches
Dimensions, Exterior Height 84 Inches
Net Weight Shipping Weight 365 Lbs