Gas Cylinder Forklift Pallets

Cylinder pallets offer you a safe and efficient way to use a forklift to transport multiple gas cylinders at once.

There are gas cylinder pallets for every application where you need to move tanks in bulk. Whether you need a simple end-loading pallet, a two-way access pallet, a high-capacity barricade rack style pallet, pallets with built-in ramps, or a specialized cylinder forklift pallet with a firewall, make sure your choice is OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA-approved.

Justrite Manufacturing has a wide range of cylinder forklift pallet options. Fabricated from rugged 3 mm hot-rolled steel, these powder-coated pallets feature fully welded construction, safety straps or chains, and are designed to hold up to heavy use in harsh environments. Smaller capacity pallets that handle 2 to 6 cylinders have integral brackets for each bottle and vinyl bumper padding to prevent damage in transport.

Larger pallets often come with integrated ramps to make loading and unloading faster, safer, and easier. When not in use, ramps fold up and lie flat against the frame. Constructed as high-sided cages open at one end, you can secure groups of 6, 12, 14, or 21 cylinders with a 4,536 kg DOT compliant strap. Barricade rack pallets offer greater stability, with two levels of welded steel safety chain and structural steel tubing to support cylinders in each row.

For no-hassle logistics, choose a cylinder pallet with a non-combustible firewall that enables employees to transport oxygen and fuel cylinders at the same time without worrying about safety issues.

Increase workplace safety with our cylinder storage equipment options, and remember: our experienced team members are always happy to answer any questions.

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