Pesticide Storage Cabinets FM Approved

Pesticides can be found anywhere on farms, in forests, nurseries and in greenhouses. Whether you work in agriculture, floriculture or landscaping, proper storage and dispensing of pesticides and related chemicals is crucial. Pesticide storage cabinets are made specifically for that purpose.

Pesticides present a substantial danger to your employees and the environment if they are improperly stored. Clearly marked pesticide safety cabinets from EAGLE and JUSTRITE allow the separation of non-compatible liquids, powders and substances in use at the workplace. Unrelated pesticides stored separately prevent one from contaminating another or the accidental use of the wrong chemical.

Pesticide storage cabinets that are specifically designed to house these types of chemicals are constructed of sturdy double-wall, 18-gauge steel construction with 1½" of air space and come standard with dual flame-arresting vents.

The three-point automatic latch with keyed lock prevents unauthorized access. Adjustable steel shelves fitted with corrosion-resistant polyethylene trays accommodate containers of various shapes and sizes. Use FM Approved safety gas cans or disposal safety cans when storing or transferring chemicals from manufacturer conatiners.

Always consult your provincial and territorial pesticide and health and safety agency for guidelines and procedures when working with pesticides.

Browse our selection of pesticide storage cabinets for flammables ranging from 12 GAL to 100 GAL sizes. Contact our sales team at if you have any questions.



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We offer a broad range of pesticide storage cabinets from Eagle and Justrite. Clearly labelled and painted in durable green powder coating, you’re sure to find a hazardous safety cabinet that fits both your budget and the number of pesticide containers you need to store. Choose from smaller, more affordable units that have single doors and handle up to 12 gallons or explore high-capacity 110-gallon 2-drum options.

Pesticides can be harmful and dangerous and need to be handled and stored carefully. They must be stored securely in clearly marked safety cabinets designed to keep non-compatible liquids, powders, or substances separated from each other. Pesticide safety cabinets are built from tough double-walled 18-gauge steel, are green in colour and should have dual flame-arresting vents.

OSHA requires original chemical containers to have a primary shipping label from the manufacturer that contains a product identifier, a signal word (danger, warning), a hazard statement, a pictogram, a precautionary statement, and the name and contact information of the manufacturer or responsible party. If the chemical is transferred to a secondary container, that container must be labelled with a secondary label that includes the product identifier, signal words, pictograms, symbols, and hazard and precautionary statements from the original label. It must at least provide basic information about the hazard risk from the stored chemicals.

The shelf-life of pesticides varies depending on the product. Dry products may last longer than liquids. Always consult the manufacturer Safety Data Sheets for specific storage and shelf-life limitations of the products you are using. Labelling each container with the purchase date and properly disposing of outdated hazardous materials is crucial in keeping the workplace safe.

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