Eye Wash Stations

Canada requires emergency eye wash stations in common areas where people can come in contact with hazardous and corrosive chemicals. This includes workplace settings, laboratories, and classrooms. A fast response time to accidental face splashes leads to better outcomes, helping your employees or students to avoid permanent injury to their eyes.

An eye wash station may be mounted to the wall or bolted to a floor mount. In some situations, there may be the need for a portable eye wash station that can be taken right to the affected person. Whichever solution is right for your space, all stations must be clearly and prominently marked, easy to use, properly maintained, and offer unobstructed access.

Depending on your situation, you may opt for a simple, inexpensive option that consists of nothing more than a specialized squeeze bottle of eyewash solution with an integrated eye cup. These cost-effective units come in 500 ml and 1 L sizes. Kits include single or dual mounting brackets, an instruction placard, and a mirror.

Hughes provides larger capacity portable eyewash stations that are self-contained and perfect for locations where continuous running water isn’t available. Choose from 10-gallon or 16-gallon reservoirs in high-viz colours with rugged construction. Simple pull-down activation makes operating the station easy in emergencies, and the integrated carrying handles and mounting brackets make relocating a snap. These gravity-fed units deliver a controlled, continuous flow of eyewash solution that exceeds the ANSI Z358.1 requirement of 1.5 LPM for 15 minutes. Insulated jackets help keep the eyewash solution at the appropriate temperature, and where conditions make it necessary, you can add a heated jacket that runs off 120V.

Herbert Williams has a team of experienced specialists happy to help you with any questions about specific eye wash station options, or which industrial safety supplies are the right fit for your company at sales@herbertwilliams.com.

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