Sorbent Pads

Sorbent Pads are a quick and cost-effective tool when dealing with a wide array of spills including oils, chemicals, and water-based fluids. These versatile pads are essential and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, including industrial plants, automotive workshops and environmentally sensitive outdoor areas to name a few.

Designed to address spills swiftly and effectively, NOSREDNA Sorbent Pads boast a high absorbency rate that significantly reduces cleanup times and mitigates slip and environmental risks. This makes them an invaluable asset in maintaining safety standards and ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple industries.

Prepare your workspace to address any spill or leak, aligning your operations with safety, compliance, and environmental protection standards. Proven spill containment solutions not only secure a cleaner, safer workplace but also provide peace of mind. Reach out to our sales staff today to enhance your safety protocols with dependable sorbent pads, socks or rolls ensuring your team is equipped to handle spills efficiently and effectively.

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  1. Universal Spill Pads 100/ Bail

    sku: SBH-UNI-1518
    Special Price CA$68.00 Regular Price CA$120.45
  2. Oil Only Spill Pads 100/ Bail

    sku: SBH-OIL-1518
    Special Price CA$77.00 Regular Price CA$120.45
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