SOLO Device Testing Kits

We offer a variety of Solo testing kits and fire alarm testing equipment that allows you to test your detection systems time and time again. Whether your detection system is triggered by smoke, heat, Carbon Monoxide, or a combination of the three, the Solo 823 Smoke and Heat Testing kit will provide you with the highest of testing standards. Testing your detection system can be easy, quick, and accurate when using the proper products.

All of the products included in the kit are also available individually.

The Solo 823 Smoke and Heat testing kit provides you with the ability to test and remove smoke and heat detectors up to a height of 9.3 meters (30 feet). The Solo 461 cordless heat detector tester avoids heating the casing of the detector, and delivers heat directly to the sensor. The Solo 461 heat detector tester is compatible with fixed temperature units, rate-of-rise units, and combination detectors with temperatures up to 194°F (90°C).

The Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool has been specifically designed to work on flat and tilted ceilings. The heads of the removal tool are colour-coded and rotate to accommodate the many different sizes and shapes of detectors that exist in the field. It is also backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

The testing kit also includes the Solo 100 access pole, three Solo 101 extension poles, and the Solo 330 aerosol dispenser. The Solo access pole is a 6-meter non-conductive mounting pole designed to be rigid and controllable when at full length. The three Solo 101 extension poles feature the same non-conductive material as the Solo 100 access pole and can increase your reach by up to 9 meters.

The Smoke Centurion Smoke Detector Tester (M8) and Solo C6 are used when testing smoke detectors for their functionality. The Smoke Centurion emits an aerosol that mimics smoke particulate, and Solo C6 emits Carbon Monoxide - they will trigger the appropriate detector if it is functioning properly. Smoke Centurion and Solo C6 are able to be used for handheld applications or in conjunction with an aerosol dispenser.

Smoke Centurion offers the lowest cost per test, is ozone-friendly, and is silicone-free so that it won’t affect your device efficacy. Solo C6 is a controllable and safe Carbon Monoxide testing method, is the only Carbon Monoxide tester approved for System Sensor 1224T/A/R CO and is endorsed by detector manufacturers.

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  1. SOLO Heat Detector Tester Kit - SOLO461

    sku: SOLO461
    Special Price CA$1,895.00 Regular Price CA$2,132.70
  2. SOLO808 Smoke Starter Kit -12 ft.

    sku: SOLO808
  3. SOLO809 Smoke Starter Kit -20ft

    sku: SOLO809
  4. SOLO 365 Electronic Detector Tester

    sku: SOLO365
  5. M8 Smoke Centurion 2.6 oz Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester

    sku: M8CENTURION
    Special Price CA$12.95 Regular Price CA$17.10
  6. 4.8 oz SOLO Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester (non Flammable)

    sku: SOLOA10
    Special Price CA$38.00 Regular Price CA$42.30
  7. SOLO 365 Lithium Battery

    sku: SOLO370
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