Emergency Escape Ladder

Save lives with an easy-to-use, portable fire escape ladder. In the event of a fire in a two- or three-storey building, make sure occupants can escape through an upstairs window if their primary exit is blocked by smoke, fire, or another emergency.

Folding fire escape ladders have a small storage footprint and, when needed, deploy in seconds. Kidde Escape Ladders are strong, lightweight, flame resistant, rugged, and tangle-free. Simply hook the emergency ladder over the windowsill and unroll the ladder by pulling on the release strap. No tools or assembly required, which is especially important when every second counts.

Each emergency escape ladder features anti-slip steel rungs that are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance and red nylon webbing strap rails that can support 750 pounds of weight on a single rung or up to 1,000 pounds when the load is distributed across two or more rungs. When not in use, your emergency ladder can fold up into a compact package that fits readily in a closet, under a bed, or on a shelf.

The Kidde KL-2S (Model HW2D) emergency escape ladder has an extended length of 13 feet, weighs only 8 pounds, and is good for second-storey exits, while the Kidde KL-3S (Model HW3D) weighs only 12 pounds and unfurls to 25 feet, making it the right choice for third-storey escapes. It fits windowsills that are over 16 inches wide and less than 11 inches deep (when measured from the interior wall to the exterior). Kidde emergency escape ladders are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and must be replaced after a single use. Repeat use is not advised.

Herbert Williams has a team of experienced crew members ready to answer any questions you may have about emergency escape ladders and what personal protection equipment is the right fit for your situation at sales@herbertwilliams.com .

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