Thermal Instruments

Thermal Imaging is now accessible to all who need it, thanks to the variety of products from HIKVISION. Whether you are inspecting industrial scale buildings or just curious about the thermal efficiency of your home, there is a HIKMICRO thermal imaging camera that is right for you

Thermal imaging cameras work by capturing the infrared radiation emitted from an object or source - this image is then translated by the device into a thermal image that we can understand. Infrared radiation is beyond our field of vision and the colour spectrum we are able to perceive as humans. This explains why thermal imaging cameras are not disrupted by light, or lack thereof, and function perfectly fine in light or dark environments.

Choosing the right thermal imaging camera for the job is reliant on two primary features within a thermal imaging camera: thermal sensitivity and detector resolution. Thermal sensitivity refers to the smallest possible change in temperature that the thermal imaging camera can measure. For example, if the thermal sensitivity is .01°, then the camera will be able to differentiate between heat sources that are greater than .01° difference in temperature. Detector resolution is the total number of pixels in the thermal imaging frame. Higher resolution thermal imaging devices will provide more detailed and clear images.

HIKMICRO thermal imaging cameras all come with HIKMICRO Analyzer Software that offers flexible methods to analyze the thermographic information captured in pictures and easily generates reports.

Home users that don’t need expert quality may want to consider the MINI1 Smartphone Module which connects to your phone via USB-C. This device will allow you to inspect electrical equipment, HVAC issues, or common temperature variants.

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