Mobile Containment Caddy and Dolly

In many workplaces, handling large drums of potentially hazardous materials is an everyday job.

Be prepared for small drips and leaks that occur during routine operations: Herbert Williams offers a full line of mobile containment caddies and dollies to ensure a safe and clean workspace.

Whether you're looking for drum containment units or mobile spill control platforms, Herbert Williams has what you need. If single drum handling is a priority in your business, you should consider the Drum Bogie Mobile Dispensing unit. Its 5 heavy-duty casters make moving heavy drums a safe task, and the drum sits in a single drum basin to protect against spills or leaks.

Stationary drums are easily protected using an Eagle Poly Drum Tray. Each drum tray has a capacity of one gallon for catching oils, coolants, water, or other non-aggressive liquids. You can pair the Eagle poly drum tray with a drum tray dolly (sold separately) for safety and mobility.

For 55-gallon drums that need to be moved around the workplace and tilted for dispensing, the Single Drum Containment Dolly is a perfect solution. A drum dolly with containment capabilities offers versatility and safety in one unit. These Eagle drum dollies are made from high-density polyethylene and are designed to be strong yet lightweight. Each drum dolly is fitted with 10-inch wheels for easy transport and rounded handles for safe tilting.

If you need more capacity with mobility, consider the Mobile Spill Control Platform. This mobile spill station can handle up to 2,000 pounds and has a spill capacity of 30 gallons. Its four wheels allow workers to easily transport a variety of drums and barrels around the workplace safely and effortlessly.

You can find a solution that addresses your spill containment and handling concerns in our spill containment section. Our sales team can help you with expert advice if you have any questions at

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