First Aid Kits

All Ontario-based businesses must provide adequate access to first aid for their employees to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulation 1101, under Section 3 of the WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. How much and what you supply depends on the number of employees per shift and the kind of work they perform.

Herbert Williams carries Ontario first aid kits for companies with 1 to 200 employees, in addition to specialty kits suitable for foodservice applications. Each kit comes with recommended first aid items to treat a variety of common workplace injuries, including cuts, burns, scalds, sprains, and minor broken bones. Kits are wall mountable with integrated carrying handles, a bilingual “First Aid Kit” symbol on the front, and a pocket-sized First Aid reference guide. Choose from the following sizes:

Herbert Williams offers a variety of Ontario first aid kits that cover businesses with only a few employees, all the way up to 200 employees. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about industrial safety supplies, regulations, or specific products at

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