Gas Cylinder Storage Accessories

Gas cylinder storage accessories improve the way your gas cylinder storage units work, increase your unit’s security, and help you replace worn parts.

Herbert Williams carries a wide range of gas cylinder storage accessories from Justrite Manufacturing, including safety chains and straps, wheels and swivel casters, edge moulding, tool trays and toolboxes, and cylinder locking posts and collar sets.

Nearly all compressed gas cylinder safety stands, brackets, carts, and pallets have built-in slots and openings to accept retrofitted secondary support chains. Justrite’s chain for gas cylinder support brackets is made from Type 316 stainless steel, is 41 inches long and its 5 mm proof coil chain is designed to lie flat against the cylinders for a snug fit that doesn’t damage labelling.

You’ll also find DOT-rated ratchet straps for cylinder forklift pallets that are made of 2-inch wide webbing in 30-foot lengths. Polypropylene strap assemblies can wear out faster than the stands they’re attached to, so be sure to keep backup straps on hand. Steel reinforced vinyl edge moulding is the second most likely component that may need replacing, after straps. Cut to size from 10-foot sections.

Wheels and swivel casters might take the most abuse on gas cylinder transport equipment. Browse our selection of 20-inch steel spoke wheels and replacement axles and find replacements for 16-inch pneumatic wheels and 8-inch semi-pneumatic wheelsets. You’ll also be able to get flat-free wheels for gas cylinder hand trucks and a variety of HDPE swivel caster wheels.

Tool trays and toolboxes attach to Justrite hand trucks and can store a complete oxyacetylene welding kit, making for a more streamlined workflow. Choose from open-top or locking designs in a tough powder-coated finish.

Cylinder locking post and collar sets keep gas cylinders securely clamped to Justrite double cylinder hand trucks. Powder-coated steel stands up to chemicals, hard duty, and hazardous conditions.

Explore our extensive gas cylinder safety storage options and talk to a representative if you have questions about equipment or accessories.

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