K Class Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet Chemical fire extinguishers or kitchen extinguishers get their name because they are specifically designed for restaurants or where you find commercial cooking equipment. K Class fire extinguishers employ a wet chemical to extinguish fires involving fats, grease, and oils.

You will often find a class K fire extinguishers in:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Food preparation sites
  • Cafeterias (Schools, Hospitals, businesses)
  • Food trucks
  • Bakeries

When applied to a fire, wet chemical fire extinguishers work by suppressing the flames of the fire and forming a vapour-securing blanket. The alkaline mixture in the fire extinguisher combines with the fatty acids and creates a soapy foam. This foam acts like a sponge that contains the vapors and steam and provides a cooling effect to extinguish the fire. If a Class K fire breaks out, water should never be used to extinguish it. Only a Class K extinguisher will successfully and safely put these fires out which is why it’s so important to have the right fire equipment on hand. Our wet chemical fire extinguishers from Ansul and Strike First Corporation are available in the standard 6 L format. Our ULC listed class K wet chemical fire extinguishers come with a limited six-year warranty and a wall bracket. Don’t get caught without the right type of extinguisher on hand! Also, take a look at our wide selection of safety kits and restaurant burn kits or contact us so we can help you choose the right wet chemical extinguisher you need.



Class K fire extinguishers ordered before 12:00 PM EST will be shipped same day, for all in stock items, by our carrier network. Any orders not currently in stock must meet our minimum order quantity requirements, and will take at least 10 business days to ship directly to your address. Our shipping options include Dock-to-Dock and Dock-to-Door, as well as tailgate appointments or inside delivery. Feel free to contact us at info@herbertwilliams.com for any questions concerning shipping, tracking, or order status, and remember to include your order number in the email.

A Class K fire extinguisher is more expensive than an equally sized dry-chemical fire extinguisher as the extinguishing agent is more costly. We carry several manufacturers of K class fire extinguishers to meet varying budgets.

Class K fire extinguishers are wet chemical extinguishers, while ABC fire extinguishers are dry chemical extinguishers. Class K fire extinguishers are specifically designed for cooking oil and grease fires. They are more effective in completely putting out high-heat oil or grease fires, and use a cooling agent to create a foaming blanket, preventing oxygen from feeding the fire.

Class K fire extinguishers contain an alkaline liquid mixture of organic salts that are released as a mist. The mist interacts with the high-heat cooking materials such as grease, oil, or fat to create a foamy vapour securing blanket, preventing oxygen intake to the flames. The mist also creates a cooling effect to effectively put out the fire. Used as a suppression agent, Class K extinguishers will not produce toxic by-products. Class K fire extinguishing agents not only suppress fires most effectively, but also lower the chances of re-ignition.

Class K Fire extinguishers cannot be used on all types of fires. They should not be used on energized electrical fires, and are specifically designed for high-heat oil, grease, or fat fires that most often occur in restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks, bakeries, and other commercial food preparation sites.

According to NFPA guidelines, Class K fire extinguishers are required in commercial kitchen settings such as cafeterias, restaurants, food trucks, and bakeries where cooking appliances use combustible cooking materials such as vegetable oils or animal fats. They are especially important near deep fryers or griddles used to prepare large quantities of food. The extinguisher should be placed along a path of egress for the easiest access.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers use a powdery substance to interrupt chemical reactions, acting as a barrier to prevent fires from growing and smothering fires to limit oxygen from entering the combustion triangle. Meanwhile, wet fire extinguishers use an alkaline blend in liquid form to create a vapour-securing blanket, and are designed specifically for commercial food preparation sites.

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