Fire extinguisher carts

Fire extinguisher carts are highly useful in scenarios when a large fire extinguisher must be carried to the location of an emergency. A cart can make the journey quicker and therefore help to minimize response time. Carts can be especially helpful in larger facilities such as hotels, airports, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and municipal buildings.

We carry the Strike First 30 lb ABC fire extinguisher cart which allows for the safe transport of large, heavy extinguishers. Strike First is a leading brand in the industry and enjoys an impeccable reputation for quality, safety, and durability. This cart is constructed from heavy-gauge steel with a highly durable polyester powder paint coating. It includes stainless steel pull pins with retaining straps and features solid 10” runner wheels.

Take a look at our full range of fire extinguisher accessories. If you need help with your decision or require a custom order, please reach out to us today.

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