Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinets FM Approved

Special handling and labelling is vital when working with acids and corrosives. Storing these substances separately, away from processing and handling areas, is key in maintaining a safe work area. FM Approved acid and corrosive safety cabinets have been designed for just that purpose.

These blue colour-coded, flame-resistant safety storage cabinets come with adjustable shelves allowing you to re-arrange the configuration to suit your needs to safely store your materials. Protecting containers against banging or other physical damage when storing is a key benefit when using acid storage cabinets. Always be sure to store corrosive materials in the type and size of containers recommended by the manufacturer or the supplier of your chemicals. Consult your SDS sheets.

Separate storage and easy identification of reactive chemicals can reduce the amount of damage caused in the event of a fire or spill. As many corrosive liquids flow easily, store them in corrosion-resistant trays to contain leaks.

All our acid storage cabinets meet or exceed the NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storage of class I, II and III liquids and are Factory Mutual Approved. Constructed from all-welded 18-gauge steel, equipped with dual capped vents with flame arrestors, 2” high leak-proof door sill and full-height piano hinges, these corrosive storage cabinets are built to last.

Choose from a selection of cabinets and accessories by EAGLE , JUSTRITE and NOSREDNA in a range of sizes from 4 GAL to 90 GAL.

Browse our complete collection of safety storage cabinets for flammables to find the cabinet that’s right for your facility or contact our sales team at for assistance.



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Herbert Williams offers a range of acid storage cabinets that can meet a variety of budget and capacity requirements. Our cabinets range in size from affordable, smaller 4- to 17-gallon capacity units to larger cabinets that can accommodate up to 90 gallons of acid or corrosive materials. Single-door construction is generally less expensive than double-door options, and manual close doors are likewise often more affordable than self-closing models.

Acid and corrosive storage cabinets are designed to store hazardous materials in a safe and compliant manner. It’s important to protect these containers from physical damage and keep them away from work areas where processing or manufacturing activities are carried out. It’s also crucial to store your acids and corrosives in flame-resistant cabinets to give your fire suppression system a chance to extinguish any fires before they ignite these chemicals. For employee safety, have a clearly-marked way to easily identify which cabinets are used to store acids and corrosives.

Glass containers are recommended for storing acids, as they are inert and won’t degrade. Some bottles come with a polyethylene (PE) coating that helps keep acid and glass splinters safely contained in the event that the glass bottle falls and breaks. You can also store larger quantities of acids in a variety of PE tanks, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks, rubber-lined steel storage tanks, or polypropylene tanks. These materials are all considered chemically resistant.

It’s important to segregate acids from bases. When acids and bases mix, they cause a neutralizing chemical reaction that can be both violent and hazardous to anyone in the vicinity. Look for clearly-marked flame-resistant safety storage cabinets that are blue to indicate storage of acids and corrosive materials. Effective acid storage cabinets must meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storage of class I, II, and III liquids. A high-quality corrosive storage cabinet will be made from heavy-duty 18-gauge all-welded steel with a 2-inch high leak-proof sill. You also want units with dual-capped vents equipped with flame arrestors.

While neither OSHA nor the National Fire Protection Association requires you to ground a corrosive cabinet, it’s still a good idea to do so. Most manufacturers have convenient grounding points on their acid and corrosive materials storage cabinets.

Acids, such as sulfuric acid, should be stored in well-marked cabinets that comply with applicable health and safety codes. They should have sturdy, double-wall 18-gauge welded steel construction with a 1 ½-inch air gap or are constructed from non-metallic high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Look for units that have dual 2-inch capped vents with flame arrestors and full-height piano hinges that allow doors to open fully for easy access. Units that have adjustable levelling feet and a tough powder coat finish will be long-lasting and provide a more stable storage solution.

No. You should keep flammables and corrosives stored apart from each other. Flammable cabinets are designed to close and seal to prevent fire from spreading, or the contents from feeding an external fire. Acid and corrosive cabinets must be well-ventilated in order to keep fumes from degrading the cabinet or leaking into your work area and harming employees.

Acid and corrosive safety storage cabinets can be manual or self-closing. Check with your local, state, federal, and industry guidelines to make sure you’re choosing a cabinet that meets your needs. Cabinets that close manually may offer up-front cost savings, but if your workplace suffers a mishap due to an improperly closed corrosive cabinet door, that saving quickly evaporates.

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