Universal Spill Kits

For businesses striving to meet the requirements of maintaining a safe and compliant workplace, especially in the face of unexpected spills, the Universal Spill Kits provided by Herbert Williams Fire Equipment Ltd. are an indispensable resource. Developed with versatility in mind, these kits are designed to effectively manage a broad spectrum of spill scenarios, ranging from hazardous chemicals to oils and water-based fluids. Their adaptability makes them an essential tool across diverse environments such as industrial and construction job sites, workshops, and warehouses, where the risk of spills is a constant concern.

The composition of the Universal Spill Kits is a testament to Herbert Williams' commitment to quality and efficiency. The contents of the kits are comprehensive, including high-absorbency materials to tackle spills of varying natures, protective gear to safeguard the user during cleanup operations, and specialized tools designed for efficient spill management. All these components are stored in a durable, easily transportable container that ensures quick access and deployment in emergencies.

The benefits of integrating Universal Spill Kits into your organization's safety protocols are numerous. Primarily, they promote a safer working environment by enabling rapid and effective spill management. This not only aids in compliance with environmental regulations and standards but also significantly reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents, thereby mitigating the potential for injuries and the financial burdens associated with them.

Herbert Williams makes procuring these vital resources straightforward. Orders for Universal Spill Kits can be placed online, and shipped directly where they are needed, nationwide.

In conclusion, by incorporating Universal Spill Kits into your workplace safety strategy, you enhance not only the safety and compliance of your work environment but also ensure that your team is equipped to handle any spill-related emergency with confidence. To find the perfect spill kit tailored to your specific needs, call to Herbert Williams today or order online and take a proactive step towards safeguarding your workplace.

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  1. 10 Gallon Universal Spill Kit Poly Bag

    sku: HWUSK-10
    Special Price CA$35.00 Regular Price CA$64.30
  2. 10 Gallon Universal Spill Kit Nylon Bag

    sku: HWUSK-10N
    Special Price CA$65.00 Regular Price CA$89.50
  3. 10 Gallon Universal Spill Kit Poly Pail

    sku: HWUSK-10P
    Special Price CA$109.00 Regular Price CA$135.70
  4. 30 Gallon Universal Spill Kit

    sku: HWUSK-30
    Special Price CA$235.00 Regular Price CA$320.20
  5. 65 Gallon Universal Spill Kit

    sku: HWUSK-65
    Special Price CA$699.00 Regular Price CA$907.15
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