Homes and small businesses are not designed with surveillance systems in mind, which can make installing a home surveillance system just the way you want it a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are many accessories available that allow you to install your surveillance system tailored perfectly to your needs. Our HiLook mounts and mounting accessories are all white, so that their colour will perfectly match your surveillance cameras.

HiLook accessories allow cameras to be mounted to just about anywhere you need them to be. We provide accessories for ceiling mounts, such as the HiLook Pendant Cap and the Pendant Camera Mount. These allow your camera to be mounted further down from high ceilings, providing the camera with a closer view of the area and a clearer image.

Mounting surveillance cameras to walls can be done with HiLook accessories as well. HiLook Junction boxes come in several models, and are used to securely mount your HiLook camera while concealing the ethernet cable so that it is protected from the outside environment and intentional damage. There are two models of arm wall mounts to fit your aesthetic needs; both mounts extend out from the wall to increase the operable field of view of the cameras. A Corner Mount is also available so that cameras may be mounted on a 90° corner, allowing camera surveillance down two separate halls or rooms. The HiLook vertical pole mount also makes installing a surveillance camera on a vertical pole a breeze.

Give us a call today so we can help you determine which products and accessories are appropriate for your security system.

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