Emergency Flares and Reflectors

Emergency flares and reflectors are critical when it comes to letting other drivers know about hazards like accidents, broken down vehicles, storm-downed trees, closed lanes, road obstructions, and other problems. Emergency response teams, law enforcement, and businesses with fleet vehicles often use flares.

The extremely bright light put out by emergency flares helps create a safe buffer zone between fast-moving traffic and the hazard. The more flares you deploy, the larger the protection zone you create. When flares are in use, traffic slows and gives a wider berth around the problem area.

Traditional fire flares have a red or orange-red colour and usually burn anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. They shine bright in wind, rain, or snow and are easy to light using the self-contained striker. Flares equipped with a spike can be stuck in the ground and won’t roll away, while ones that have attached metal stands allow you to direct the sparks away from flammable material and people.

Herbert Williams offers 20- and 30-minute spike flares and 20- and 30-minute flares with integrated stands. We also carry a reusable, 3-piece reflective triangle kit that’s ideal when you need to highlight hazards for longer than half an hour.

These 17-inch high emergency reflectors can be stored in a compact case, and unfolded and locked together when it’s time to deploy. High-visibility red construction is easily visible in the daylight, while red reflective tape lets you be seen at night or in foul weather conditions.

Wondering which emergency flares and reflectors are suitable for your fleet? Herbert Williams has a team of experienced specialists happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about what personal protection equipment is the right fit for your company at sales@herbertwilliams.com.

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