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Flammable storage cabinets are manufactured to facilitate the safe storage of Class I, II and III flammable liquids. Many of these flammable liquids as well as combustible substances are commonplace in any number of commercial and industrial operations on a day-to-day basis. Some examples of these are fuels, solvents, lubricants, waxes, paints and cleaning agents.

FM Approved storage cabinets provide a barrier between the chemicals being stored inside of the cabinet and the environment outside of the cabinet helping to reduce the chance of ignition in the event of a fire in the immediate area. This added protection helps to give individuals more time to safely evacuate the area in the event of a fire.

These cabinets are available in a number of colours that are generally accepted by industry standards to represent the nature of the chemicals and substances contained within based on the colour of the cabinets. Those colours are:

  • Yellow: Flammable chemicals and liquids
  • Red: Paints, inks and other combustible liquids
  • Blue: Corrosive and hazardous liquids and solids
  • Green: Pesticides and insecticides
  • Silver / Neutral: Laboratory cabinets
  • White / Beige / Gray: Waste or outdoor lockers

Adhering to accepted colour coding of flammable storage in your facility provides: 1) first responders crucial insight on the contents of a cabinet when facing a live fire, and 2) provides quick identification and familiarity for workers who handle flammable liquids and combustible substances in the workplace.

All our cabinets meet or exceed the NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storage of class I, II and III liquids and are Factory Mutual Approved. Constructed from all-welded 18-gauge steel, equipped with dual capped vents with flame arrestors and full-height piano hinges these cabinets are built to last.

We are currently stocking a variety of FM Approved cabinet brands, including models from EAGLE , JUSTRITE , NOSREDNA and SECURALL. The models available have one or two doors, and the doors may be manual, self-closing or sliding self-closing doors. FM Approved storage cabinets for flammables are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 30 GAL to 110 GAL.

Browse through our selection of flammable cabinets to find the cabinet that’s right for your business or contact our sales team at sales@herbertwilliams.com

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  1. 45 Gallon, 2 Shelves, 2 Door, Manual Close, Flammable Liquid Cabinet, Yellow - 1947

    sku: 1947
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  2. EAGLE 60 Gal FLAMMABLE STORAGE CABINET, Two Door, Manual Closing, Two Shelves - 1962

    sku: 1962
    Special Price CA$1,628.00 Regular Price CA$2,381.40
  3. 90 Gallon, 2 Shelves, 2 Door, Manual Close, Flammable Liquid Cabinet, Yellow - 1992

    sku: 1992
    Special Price CA$2,250.00 Regular Price CA$2,959.15
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