Fire Safety Plan Boxes

Fire Safety Plan Boxes provide the fire department with quick access to a buildings Fire Safety Plan containing crucial information they need when dealing with a fire emergency at a commercial or industrial business, apartment or condominium, hospital, school, or any other institution. This includes details such as contact lists, locations of the electrical and sprinkler rooms and possible hazards within the premises.

Fire safety boxes should be installed near the main entrance of the building, off the ground, and in a clear and accessible location. They are to be locked with a padlock, and should have an unlocked replacement padlock inside. Depending on local codes, there are certain requirements for the mounting height of these boxes and how far they can be from the primary entrance.

Our Fire Safety Plan boxes are Fire Department approved and we carry those that meet the Toronto Municipal Code and those that are keyed for Peel Region. Fire Safety Plan Boxes are available in English or Bilingual and come in a white (powder coated) 18-gauge galvanized steel, white (powder coated) heavy-duty 12-gauge galvanized steel or in a stainless steel 304 finish. Whatever type of fire safety box you need, you’ll find it here. Browse our selection of fire equipment and safety plan boxes to find what’s right for you or give us a call so we can help you decide.

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  1. Fire Safety Plan Box - 2 Pad Locks

    sku: FSPB-1
    Special Price CA$133.50 Regular Price CA$145.50
  2. Heavy Duty Fire Safety Plan Box - 2 Pad Locks

    sku: FSPB-1HD
    Special Price CA$280.00 Regular Price CA$305.70
  3. Fire Safety Plan Box - 2 Pad Locks Stainless Steel

    sku: SSFSPB-1
    Special Price CA$550.00 Regular Price CA$692.80
  4. Replacement Lock FSPB

    sku: FSPB-LOCK
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