IBC Spill Containment

Intermediate bulk containers or IBCs require specific spill containment platforms for the prevention of spills. Their larger size and construction support the larger weight that IBC have and allows for greater spill containment capacity versus shallower drum spill pallets.

Our IBC spill platforms provide greater chemical resistance than steel and come in a variety of sizes along with indoor and outdoor accessories/options. Having these rust, corrosion, and chemical resistant platforms, you’ll be confident knowing that whatever you are storing, you’ve done it safely and securely protecting your property and the environment.

We offer a large selection of spill prevention products from Eagle Manufacturing and Justrite Manufacturing, including IBC spill containment pallets and platforms with options such as forklift pockets, drains, and more. If you are ready to explore the IBC spill containment options that are right for you or you would like assistance finding the best solution to meet your needs, we are here to help. Shop our selection of IBC spill platforms and pallets today or call us for guidance.

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