Quick Deploy Flexible Containment

When you need a portable and easily storable drip and leak solution, Eagle Manufacturing’s quick deploy flexible containment systems are your answer. SpillNEST drip pads by Eagle Manufacturing are lightweight containment solutions suitable for anywhere liquids are being transferred or where leaks can occur.

Each SpillNEST is leak tested before shipment to ensure the highest level of leak containment. These portable leak containment systems are constructed of rugged PVC fabric and are made in the USA; SpillNEST products come in a bright yellow finish for high visibility.

SpillNEST products are available in a wide range of sizes, including a single drum unit that will hold 10-gallons of spilled material, 4-drum, and 8-drum. Any of these SpillNEST folding quick deploy containment systems can be fitted with grates for lifting the drums out of the captured liquid.

Folding models of the SpillNEST portable system allow for easy storage and transport. These folding portable catch basins are useful when servicing equipment in the field or the shop.

Foldable, portable SpillNEST units are available in 15-, 22-, and 35-gallon models.

All SpillNEST containment systems are easy to store and deploy. Each of the quick deploy systems folds easily to save storage space, and includes a secure strap to keep the SpillNEST in place and properly folded. These SpillNEST portable containment systems are made from rugged and durable PVC fabric that is impervious to most hydrocarbons and other non-aggressive liquids.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact a member of our professional sales team at sales@herbertwilliams.com.

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