Automatic Fire Extinguishers

An automatic fire extinguisher can provide fast and effective fire suppression for a number of Class A, B, or C fires, depending on which extinguisher you choose. Often, within just 10 seconds FM 200 extinguishers will begin working, all on their own, giving you greater peace of mind and fire protection.

Designed for enclosed, unoccupied environments the TORRENT line of fully-automatic fire extinguishers act fast to stop fire before they can spread. They are particularly useful in protecting areas containing sensitive equipment or materials such as:

  • Electrical and computer rooms
  • Marine engine compartments
  • Dry cleaning facilities
  • Museums archive room
  • Records storage
  • Laboratories

When choosing an automatic fire extinguisher, it’s important to determine the correct volume of the room to be protected to ensure the unit size meets your needs. InControl Systems Inc. FM200 fire extinguishers are available in 6LB, 7LB, 9LB, and 12LB options. When selecting a TORRENT series automatic fire extinguisher, these steps will help you determine the appropriate extinguisher for your space:

1) The room must be an enclosed space.

2) Calculate the Cubic Feet of the Room: LXWXH = CU FT

3) Determine the HAZARD: A, B or C

4) Match the Cu ft + Hazard to the appropriate Torrent model.

5) If your room has a fan, the fan is required to shut down with the use of the supplied pressure switch.

FM200 automatic fire extinguisher instructions are supplied.

Are you ready to purchase a fire extinguisher in Canada? We are here to help. Call us today to help you determine the correct fire extinguishing equipment for your needs.

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