Outdoor Drum Storage

Outdoor drum storage sheds provide a secure, safe, and durable option for storing hazardous materials and chemicals in steel or poly drums. In addition to providing safety and security, they are also resistant to weather, rust, corrosion, and tampering.

Storing poly drums outdoors can save a lot of space within warehouses or at worksites, and in the event of a spill, it can also help keep your team and the environment safer. Depending on your storage requirements, you can choose from two or four drum storage sheds. Additionally, our selection of steel drum storage lockersinclude options with forklift pockets, bolt locations for wind resistance, and leak-proof pallet sumps. We carry drum sheds from Eagle Manufacturing and Justrite Manufacturing to ensure you find whatever you are looking. Along with our selection of outdoor drum storage options, you will find all of the other spill containment equipment and accessories you need. No matter what you are searching for, Herbert Williams is here to help you find it. Call us today.

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