Safety Storage

Safety Storage

Certain items must be stored in specially designed containers such as safety cabinets to ensure personnel and building safety and to comply with the NFPA and the Ontario Fire Code. For example, special storage is required for flammable liquids, pesticides, corrosives, and other flammable materials.

In addition, specialized equipment exists for the transportation and handling of select materials to reduce the risk of injury.

We offer a full selection of safety storage equipment, including:

  • Safety storage cabinets for flammables: Our safety storage cabinet range comprises various types of flammable cabinets including FM-approved, ULC-listed, drum storage, countertop, single door, under counter, weatherproof, wall mount, high-security, and more. The catalog also includes cabinets for storage of corrosives, pesticides, paints, and other items. Plus you’ll find accessories such as mounting kits, filters, carts, and shelf dividers.
  • Gas cylinder storage and handling equipment: We stock a wide selection of gas cylinder storage lockers, along with a broad range of additional gas cylinder storage and handling equipment including hand trucks, barricade racks, carts, forklift pallets, and holders.
  • Hazardous material lockers and buildings: Working with hazardous materials? We offer hazmat and agri-chemical storage lockers and buildings.
  • Safety cans and containers: Our range features a broad selection of safety can styles including type I, type II, bench, dispensing, disposal, lab safety, oily waste, and plunger. We also carry smoking receptacles, waste receptacles, and cleaning tanks for hazardous liquids.
  • Drum dispensing and handling equipment: This collection includes a vast array of products such as dollies, faucets, valves, fill gauges, locks, and more.
  • Salt and sand containers: These containers are also suitable for storing other items outdoors, including animal feed, fertilizer, and ice melt.

Take a look at our comprehensive safety storage equipment range including flammable cabinets and safety cans. Call today if you need help with your selections or have any questions.