Fire Alarm Covers, Guards & Protectors

Fire alarm covers, smoke alarm covers, and pull station guards are used to help prevent devices from becoming damaged and keep them functioning properly when exposed to environmental conditions. Covers also prevent the false activation of pull stations and other misuses of your fire alarm system. We offer fire alarm covers, guards, and protectors by Safety Technology International (STI) and MIRCOM.

Many of the covers for pull stations, smoke alarms and control panels are made from long-lasting polycarbonate, a plastic compound which is considered almost unbreakable, and provides better protection than glass and other transparent materials. Some other options are made from coated steel; the coating can be chrome plated or coated with a red or white finish.

STI Stopper II pull stations covers can be mounted flush on the wall surrounding your pull station, or with a spacer to accommodate larger pull stations. The STI Stopper II pull station covers are also available with warning horns sounding at 95 or 105 dB levels that will activate when the cover is lifted. All of our polycarbonate pull station guards are UL/cUL listed, have the approval of either the ADA or MEA, and meet the IP54 standard.

Our smoke detector guards and damage stoppers are available in both polycarbonate and coated steel wire. The polycarbonate damage stopper can either be mounted flush or with a spacer, and allows for uninterrupted airflow while preventing damage from vandalism or tampering. The steel-coated wire guards are available for flush mount only, but are offered in three sizes: 8”, 10” and 12” diameters.

Control panel and thermostat covers provide protection against tampering and can be lockable so that they can only be accessed by those with a key. These covers are made from polycarbonate and feature a hinge for ease of opening. Gaskets may be added in harsh environments that will help protect the control panel from dirt and grime.

By protecting your fire alarm pull stations, smoke detectors, control panels, and other sensitive electronic devices, you can avoid costly replacements or repairs and help prevent costly false alarms. Avoiding accidental or intentional activation will provide you with peace of mind and enhance the longevity of your fire protection systems and fire alarm devices.

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