Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke in the air and alert you with an audible warning. It is the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every story of a home and outside all sleeping areas. It’s important to test your smoke alarms regularly by pressing the test button on the device. Always read the manufacturers instructions.

Smoke alarms can also be tested using specially designed testing kits that employ a non-flammable, non-toxic, silicone free aerosol smoke tester in addition to an extension pole for hard to reach devices.

Browse our selection of smoke alarms to find the model that's right for you or contact our sales team at for assistance.

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  1. Kidde 10-Year Battery Worry-Free Ionization Smoke Alarm i9010CA

    sku: I9010CA
    Special Price CA$25.00 Regular Price CA$30.00
  2. 120V AC Smoke Alarm with 9V Battery Backup

    sku: P1275CA
    Special Price CA$19.95 Regular Price CA$35.30
  3. 10-Year Battery Worry-Free Talking Smoke Alarm -Bedroom

    sku: P3010B-CA
    Special Price CA$30.00 Regular Price CA$39.10
  4. 4.8 oz SOLO Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester (non Flammable)

    sku: SOLOA10
    Special Price CA$31.00 Regular Price CA$42.30
  5. Smoke Alarm Sealed Lithium Battery Powered Worry-Free

    sku: P3010K-CA
    Special Price CA$30.00 Regular Price CA$37.10
  6. 120V AC Wire-In Smoke Alarm with Sealed Lithium Battery Back up Worry-Free

    sku: I12010S-CA
    Special Price CA$28.00 Regular Price CA$34.80
  7. Battery Operated 4" Smoke Alarm

    sku: I9040CA
    Special Price CA$10.00 Regular Price CA$13.00
  8. Battery Operated Smoke Alarm with Hush

    sku: 0916KCA
    Special Price CA$12.00 Regular Price CA$14.75
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