Smoking Receptacles

Cigarette butts are certainly one of the most pervasive forms of litter, but you can easily reduce the number of cigarette butts and other waste in and around your property with conveniently placed and attractive outdoor cigarette receptacles from Eagle and Justrite.

Encourage smokers to smoke in designated smoking places by installing outdoor ashtrays and smoking receptacles at specific locations at your facility.

Making ashtrays and cigarette receptacles available in an adequate location is your best approach to ensure all cigarette butts will end up in the smoking receptacle and not as unsightly litter on the ground.

Fire tested and FM approved, these polyethylene and metal cigarette receptacles feature a patented oxygen-restricting design that extinguishes burning cigarette butts safely. A perforated snuffer provides a fast and easy "snuff target" for cigars and cigarettes, resulting in considerably fewer misses for a more attractive and cleaner smoking area.

The industry-leading line of smoking receptacles from Eagle and Justrite is available in various styles, colors, and finishes to easily blend into your specific outdoor surroundings.

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