Bench Safety Cans

Bench safety cans provide a simple and hassle-free means of cleaning various small parts and components when using chemicals and solvents. Bench cans are a type of safety can that provides you with safe compartmentalization and dispensing of flammable or volatile fluids and solvents that are used for cleaning and swabbing certain kinds of machinery and work sites.

Eagle and Justrite bench safety cans are made of galvanized steel and are finished with a baked-on powder coat finish. Eagle safety bench cans feature a brass flame arrestor dasher screen as well as pump assemblies, and Justrite bench safety cans employ a plated steel dasher which works as a simple and effective flame arrester, reducing the risk of fire flashback.

These bench cans and containers for solvent safety boast plated steel dasher, which works as an effective flame arrester in order to lower the serious risk of fire flashback. And the hinged cover is excellent as it helps minimize evaporation losses, while the protected rim lowers the risk of a hand injury. With sizes ranging from 1 quart up to 5 gallons of safety bench cans, there’s sure to be a size that suits your needs.

Bench cans are available in red and yellow.

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