Poly Dispensing Cans

Dispense just the right amount of chemicals and solvents with these dispensing cans. Instead of having an open and potentially risky can of cleaning solvents and other flammable and dangerous cleaning agents, a quick and convenient pump on the plunger helps bring the right quantity up to your brush or sponge.

Dispensing cans help pour a controlled amount of various flammable liquids or corrosive chemicals into smaller portable containers such as beakers, test tubes, and flasks or apply directly onto a work surface. We carry a variety of efficient and safe dispensing cans that use either a dispensing valve or dispensing faucet.

All our dispensing cans are designed to distribute flammable solvents and cleaners safely, limiting exposure or waste. Either by pressing down on the dispenser valve using a handheld dispenser can or by releasing the lever on the faucet, you control how much chemical you dispense.

Justrite dispensing safety cans are excellent and feature self-close, pressure-relief caps with high-quality stainless steel flame arresters. And these cans also have a convenient vacuum-relief valve within their lid for quick and smooth liquid flow, as well as self-closing faucets for hassle-free dispensing.

The dispensing cans and safety cans are available in multiple sizes and several colors, including Red, White, and Yellow, depending on the application.

Browse our collection of solvent dispensing cans, containers, and bottles, or contact our team if you have any questions.

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