Biohazard Waste Cans

Biohazardous waste comes in many forms and can be defined as any substrate or product that can be contaminated with a potentially infectious material. Biohazard waste cans have been specifically designed to address the need to segregate infectious waste

Biohazard waste cans by Eagle and Justrite provide temporary storage of contaminated material such as PPE (personal protective equipment), garments, gloves, test kits and face masks to name a few. Use them to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste; however, do not use them for the storage of sharps.

Eaglepoly biohazard waste containers are constructed with no seam for a leak-proof construction and will not rust or dent in addition to being resistant to most chemical compounds.Justritebiohazard waste cans are made from sturdy steel and feature leakproof construction with foot-operated, self-closing lid. Simple, foot pedal operation opens the cover automatically to safely dispose of biohazard waste. Upon release of the pedal, the can cover closes quickly to reduce the risk of contamination.

Browse our selection of biohazard waste cans and containers in sizes ranging from 6 Gal to 10 Gal or contact our sales team atsales@herbertwilliams.comfor assistance.

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