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Fire Sprinkler Systems are an indispensable component of safety in commercial and large residential buildings. Regulated by the Ontario Building Code, sprinkler systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and protecting properties. A properly functioning automatic sprinkler system underscores the need for proper maintenance and testing, ensuring readiness should the need arise.

Key Features and Benefits:

Life Preservation:

The primary objective of any safety system is to protect lives, and a properly maintained automatic sprinkler system is the gold-standard. Backed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), buildings equipped with a well-maintained automatic sprinkler system have a significantly reduced chance of experiencing a loss of life when a fire occurs.

Massive Loss Mitigation:

The aftermath of a fire can be catastrophic for businesses. However, the presence of sprinklers can significantly change the outcome. Coupled with early warning fire alarm/life safety systems, automatic fire sprinklers can curtail property damage, injuries, and help prevent fatalities by a large margin over buildings without automatic sprinkler systems. Without this safeguard, businesses face higher risk increasing the potential for greater loss.

Effective Fire Containment:

While smoke detectors and heat detectors alert occupants, they lack the power to curtail a fire's progression. Automatic sprinkler heads are engineered to respond swiftly when exposed to specific temperatures. Upon activation, they release water onto  a fire continually until the fire department intervenes. Fire sprinklers  can either extinguish a fire before it spreads or significantly slow its advance, providing  firefighters with vital time to protect lives and limit property damage.

Regular Preventative Maintenance Fortifies Your Business:

When it comes to the safety of your business and your employess, there's no room for compromise. Monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual preventative maintenance keeps automatic sprinkler systems operating as designed and ready when needed. Contact us at today to book your next inspection.

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