Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting and exit signs are required for adherence to local building codes and occupancy and safety guidelines that can help save lives in an emergency situation. Power outages can be dangerous situations for many types of businesses. Emergency lights and exit signs will help guide the way for occupants of a building to the nearest exit

Emergency lights are connected to the normal electrical supply of a building and contain one or more sealed lead-acid batteries inside which illuminate the lights when no power is available. Emergency lights come standard with two heads; additional remote heads can be added if the size of the battery will allow. Exit signs come in two different configurations, green Running Man pictogram signs for all new construction and major renovations and the standard red EXIT seen in most buildings.

All our new exit signs come with latest LED technology to achieve the highest brightness with low power consumption. We carry a wide selection of emergency lighting systems from Beghelli and Mircom as well as replacement sealed lead acid batteries.

Emergency situations can happen in an instant. Be prepared with proper safety equipment like emergency lights and exit signs to help protect your employees or tenants from power outages from fires, blackouts or any other unforeseen events to help them get out of the building to safety.

In addition to carrying the emergency lights and exit signs you are looking for, we also offer emergency lighting installation, testing, and inspection services. Our skilled technicians can inspect your emergency lighting system on an annual or monthly basis to ensure they are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and CAN/ULC Standards.

Don’t leave your emergency lighting up to chance. Browse our selection of emergency lighting equipment to find what you’re looking for or call Herbert Williams today so we can help you choose the best options to keep you and your facility safe.

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  1. 12V 275 W LED Emergency Light Unit (Remote Capable)

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