Poly Clearance Bollard

A poly bollard post can be used for a variety of purposes including building protection, perimeter security, and pedestrian safety. These yellow, high-visibility markers can help avoid building or equipment damage and improve the safety of individuals. Ideal for schools, malls, banks, and other retail and commercial locations, they can be placed singly or in sequence as needed. Posts are 42” in height and either 5” or 7” in outside diameter.

A vehicle clearance bar will provide a warning for motorists entering a facility. Our clearance bars are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are extremely durable. They are yellow in color to ensure high visibility. These products are ideal for use as parking garage clearance bars, or in drive thrus, loading areas, car washes, and tunnels. They are 72” in length and come in two outside diameters: 5” or 7”. Included eyebolts allow for easy installation.

Products in our range of poly bollard posts and clearance bars are produced by Eagle Manufacturing, a company well-known for quality craftsmanship. We also carry optional steel weighted bases for Eagle poly bollard posts.

Check out our range of poly bollard posts, metal bollard posts, and other industrial safety products. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in finding the right equipment for your needs.

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