Trutest Device Testing Kits

Detector sensitivity testing is one of the most important tests to perform on your devices. Detector sensor sensitivity does change over time and can cause false, late, or no alarm at all. Testing your detector's sensors gives you peace of mind that your smoke detectors will always be operating effectively.

Solo and Trutest testing kits provide you with the tools you need to perform detector sensitivity tests for small jobs (TT800 KIT), medium sized jobs (ST1), and any size job (ST2). The ST1 and ST2 kits come with aerosols to test for smoke and carbon monoxide, heat testers, cell checkers, access poles, access pole extensions, a universal detector removal tool, aerosol dispenser, carrying bag, batteries, and a battery charger. The ST2 testing kit provides more essentials to perform a more comprehensive test.

Our battery testers allow you to test over 30 types of batteries and measure the battery’s state of charge. The PC01 can test up to 30 types of batteries for any purpose. The PC01 is clearly labelled for each battery type and provides an accurate reading of the remaining state of charge. The PC01 can test Li-Ion, alkaline, coin cell, NiMH, and more. The CELL03 battery checker is used to test batteries that power entire fire and security systems. The CELL03 is able to test 2-volt up to 12-volt batteries and displays results in 15 seconds.

The DB01 and DB02 both test the decibel levels that are emitted from your system alarm. The DB02 measures the A frequency rating, and DB01 can measure A to C frequency ratings. Both the DB01 and DB02 conform to ANSI S1.4a within the most recent edition of the National Fire Alarm Code.

Solo and Trutest products stay up to date with Fire Code standards, and provide you with the best tools for the job.

Our team is on standby to help you choose the right fire alarm testing tools for your facility. Call us today to learn more about your options.

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