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Fire and Secuity Alarm Battery Tester
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CELLCHECKERTM battery checker is the prefect tool for testing fire and security alarm systems. Using pulse load technology, it provides a comprehensive test of a battery’s state of charge and condition. Battery voltage alone is not a reliable parameter for determining remaining capacity and condition; it also does not indicate whether the battery will be able to deliver power when placed under load. Rather than simply displaying a voltage reading, Cell Checker determines a battery’s remaining power capacity by measuring its ability to maintain voltage levels while under load. It is very simple to operate and for a pulse load test it will give you results in 15 seconds. Tests batteries with as little as 2-volt all the way up to 12-volt and even up too 200ah.

  • Tests battery condition – quickly and easily identifies weak or failing batteries
  • Simple to operate, genuine Pulse Load testing with test results in 15 seconds
  • Tests 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt or 12-volt batteries up to 200AH
  • Tests SLA batteries
  • Tests battery performance – not just voltage/internal resistance
  • Lead-calcium batteries can be tested with CellChecker however, testing the larger stationary 2V flooded lead acid batteries is not recommended. This battery type is too large for the load that is applied to the battery during the test cycle (typically 100AH -300AH in capacity).